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Giuseppe TopGan


Digital PR at The Vortex
The Vortex   Università Commerciale 'Luigi Bocconi'
Milano, Italia
I think I could be defined my professional skills and attitudes through my life experiences: I travelled around Europe, thanks for my job and education, about 3 years living and working in different contexts and cultures.
That makes me flexible, adaptable, diplomatic and able to work quickly and accurately.
I achieve solid skills and experiences in Account Management and Public Relation dealing with private and public companies of multiple sectors.
I am able to build excellent client relationships, seek opportunities, generate ideas for clients and advise them accordingly, develop new commercial projects of existing client business. 
I am a self-starter with a positive “can do attitude” and I will be dependable and calm under pressure.
To sum up myself, I could say that every single good results in my daily life and job has only one common keyword: a strong passion for optimism in both contest. 
It works…definitely recommend!
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saratettamanti.branded.me (Sito Web personale)
thevortex.it (Sito Web aziendale)
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