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Sonal Malhotra


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Product development and brand management
Sopritti   ESMOD École Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Having worked in a leather bag-manufacturing unit for 4 years, I have acquired knowledge in the field of product development, quality control, merchandising and CRM. Currently I am working on the development of a new in-house handbag brand where I am involved in the brand management, marketing and development of the e-commerce website.
I have previously interned in a Paris based startup luxury e-commerce website in a team of 5 people which helped me master the art of multi-tasking. I worked on the daily update of the website, digital marketing strategy, development of newsletters and promotions, stock management and have also assisted in fashion photo-shoots and styling.
I completed my masters in International Fashion & Luxury Brand Management at ISEM -ESMOD, Paris. I have learned Italian leather design at the Leather school in Florence and have also worked directly with the tanneries and suppliers in the international & domestic market. 
While pursuing my bachelors in Textile science, clothing and fashion studies, I travelled to different states all over India to learn about the traditional crafts of India. I Interacted with the artisans and initiated a project by applying business and technical knowledge to improve production.
My travels and experiences from living in different parts of the world have made me broad minded, helped me understand different cultures and I have learnt to adapt to different scenarios comfortably.
I have explored different fields of the fashion industry which has helped me have a wholesome experience and helped me learn about different facets of the fashion industry and am determined to acquire new skills both in my professional and personal development.
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sonalmalhotra7.wix.com/sonalmalhotra  (Sito Web personale)
silviano.in  (Sito Web aziendale)
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