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Antonio Baldoino


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Sales Pharmaceutical Representative | BSc Pharmacy and Biochemistry | Open to new opportunities
Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Stati Uniti
✔Bilingual (Portuguese and English) ✔LION™ - LinkedIn Open Networker ✔Contact Details: ✉antoniopbaldoino1@outlook.com | ☎ +1 (347) 552-8342
I am a bilingual (Portuguese and English) professional with a BSc degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry and over 6 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Sales & Business Pharmaceutical Consultant in large industries with exposure to Medical Doctors and Pharmacists responsible for leveraging strategic national sales as well as event management and budget control with technical knowledge of chemical substances and real passion for the Pharmaceutical sector. Currently seeking a Commercial opportunity within Pharmaceutical sector.
Career Highlights/ Expertise:
- Solid experience in planning and executing exciting trade shows to increase brand awareness, build contact lists, and capitalize on rising industry trends
- Attended several invitations to participate as a motivational speaker/trainer at corporate sales conferences
- Formative experience as an undergraduate in Pharmacy and Biochemistry with technical knowledge of chemical substances / active principle (pharmacology)
- Knowledge on generic formulas of several medicines 
- Knowledge in variable taxation by region and Brazilian Regulation
Leadership / event and budget management experience with strategic approach to sales
I am currently looking for an opportunity within Pharmaceutical sector within Europe, please be in touch if you would like to know more about my experience.
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