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Giuseppe TopGan


Store Manager - Owner and Managing Director of SportHouse srl
SportHouse srl   Istituto Professionale per il Commercio
Ragusa, Italia
I am a highly driven and disciplined individual Italian and English speaker, with over 20 year experience in the Apparel & Fashion industry.
Proven track record and knowledge of developing successful relationships, key decision maker resolving client issues and with a strong leadership skills, familiarity with computers, proficiency with written and verbal communication, and problem solving skills. Passionate about building strong customer relationships and a genuine passion for customer service . Enjoys being part of a productive team, equally can work on own initiative. “Hands on” attitude. 
My work is always a challenge and I got a constant impulse for further growth, moreover I do my job every day without taking anything for granted with exception to one fundamental rule: the only possible result to achieve a goal is to work with professionalism, experience, competence and working as a team.
I have always evaluated carefully every decision considering every detail and the results I have reached has proven me right.
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21 agosto
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